Take a look at our latest projects in order, where you can get to know all our habits ands our works.

Tank farm - Tan Tan (Morocco)

Construction Tank Farm Office National de l’Electricité, thermal power plant in Tan Tan (Morocco), Amplificaction 6 Tanks API-650.

Construction INOV PET OLE Al Jadida (Morocco)

New Construction 8 Tanks API-650.

Piping Prefabrication - Skien (Norway)

Piping Prefabrication inox workshop Skien Noruega

Piping Prefabrication - Cartagena (España)

35.000” Piping Prefabrication steel/carbon/stainless steel 304

Assembly of boiler and pipe - Martinica island

Assembly of boiler and pipe in Martinica Island.

Hoppers Equipments - Antas

CLH Huelva

Fill and drain manufactured pipe and y C.I. for expansión capacity (3 tanks).

Shopping mall Mediterraneo

Mounting of metal structure

Manufacture and assembly of stairs and railings, metals structures, tramex, enclosures for the expansion in an iron ore mine from Snim-Copisa in Mauritania.

Manufacture and assembly el Pozo Murcia

Manufacture and assembly of water line piping, fire equipment detection, osmosis water, vapours…
Welding stainless steel/food grade products construction.

Structure assembly Cocker building BP Oil Castellón

Assembly of structure C-10 REPSOL - Cartagena

Manufacture and assembly pipe, stainless steel/food grade products construction in a Juice Company – Alhama

Manufacture and assembly pipe Bamboo Project - Heroya Industrialpark (Norway)



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